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Struggling to get your work shown in a gallery? Or are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to produce solo work? Working as part of a collective can be a great way to not only get your stuff seen to a wider audience but also have more of an impact with your creativity. Some of the best collectives combine cross disciplinary skills to produce amazing results.

Have a look at This Is It‘s top five Art Collectives in the UK:

Is This Good?

Is This Good? Collective

Self title group of ‘artists and geeks’ Is This Good? create digital artworks, installations and machines for a range of clients and brands.

Knit the City

Knit the City - Collective

Knit City, a duo of ‘crafty street artists’ are the first UK and probably world-wide graffiti knitting collective. The pair distort the idea of knitting being very much an indoor activity by getting their creations out in the public eye and interacting with the city.


Puck Collective

One of the largest Illustration collectives in the UK Puck invites new Illustrators to apply to join each year. Have a look at their website for some of their work and how to apply.

Bread Art

Bread Art - Collective

Bread Art use light, sound and interactive technologies to create exciting works that playfully interactive with you and your surroundings. Their website gives a detailed list of their projects so take a look!


Softbox - Collective

Photography Collective Softbox are another open collective inviting active or past photography students to apply.



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