Art Collectives

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Struggling to get your work shown in a gallery? Or are you finding it hard to motivate yourself to produce solo work? Working as part of a collective can be a great way to not only get your stuff seen to a wider audience but also have more of an impact with your creativity. Some of the best collectives combine cross disciplinary skills to produce amazing results.

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Skill Up: Teach Yourself to Code

Are you currently looking for a job? Or are you thinking about changing your career, or just trying to learn new skills that seem unobtainable in your current job?
The idea of teaching yourself a new skill or looking for where to be taught can seem a daunting thought not to mention time consuming.
This article will look at where to start in learning to code, from a step by step to setting up to great online and offline resources to develop. Continue Reading

Collecting to Inspire Your Creativity

Last week I visited the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition at The Barbican. This is a showcase of the large and hugely diverse collections of post war and contemporary artists.

What I found most inspiring about this exhibition was the range of objects and the vast places they were picked up. Many of the collections weren’t expensive paintings or rare artefacts in glass cases but things found in everyday places that inspire the artist. I started to look at the objects I have accumulated over time and could see how a small collection could be formed. Continue Reading