Creative Employment Profile: Esther Blount

Esther Blount is a Marketing and Social Media intern on the Creative Employment Programme with The Mighty Creatives. Read on to hear her thoughts as her placement begins.

“I was eager to begin my first week at The Mighty Creatives (TMC). This was important to me because it would set the scene for my entire placement as a Marketing and Social Media Intern.

I’m excited to be supporting the development of youth voice and engagement in TMC’s programmes as part of my role. I will also play a key part in linking up with young people directly, using social media platforms, and champion youth issues whilst supporting other young people in advocating for change too.

During the induction I was greeted by my line manager, Manisha Bhayani, where I was given an overview of the charity’s programmes and partnerships. I was taken to TMC’s office where I was instantly put at ease by the warm welcome from the TMC team. I was then introduced to the fun of hot desking!
Another task during my induction was to complete a Strengthsfinder report to evaluate and discover how I could apply my strengths to the workplace.
Throughout the week I got to meet with other members of the team to learn about the wider business at TMC. For example, Arts Award, Artsmark, and also The Bank of TMC.
Towards the end of the week I reviewed how legislation impacts my role at TMC. For example, I completed an introduction to safeguarding as well as equality and diversity training.
Overall, a really enjoyable week at TMC (other highlights include, a yummy lunch with the TMC team, chocolate cake, a world cup sweepstake, and a Friday treat of croissants!). I’m looking forward to seeing what my second week entails at TMC.”

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