Digital Storytelling at Concrete Collective Birmingham

At the start of November, THIS IS IT Creative Coordinator Andrea took part in UpRising’s Concrete Collective event at ThinkTank Birmingham. Delivered by UpRising, an incredible organisation who inspire young people across the UK to take social action, hundreds of young people gathered to find out more about campaigning.

Andrea delivered a session on Digital Storytelling, aimed at understanding how narratives can help us connect with audiences and turn them into advocates and supporters of our cause.  Looking at the basic elements of a story, as well as the importance of the protagonist, we were able to understand how empathy is always at the heart of successful communications.

“The Hero’s Journey” is a lynch pin of storytelling, and is just as relevant to digital platforms. This video explaining the concept went down a storm on Twitter, give it a watch here to get the basics.

We also looked at some examples of great campaign narratives courtesy of Greenpeace, who apply brilliant storytelling to involve people in their quest to improve environmental practices. Give it a watch, along with some of our other favourites!

BARBIE & KEN – Campaign against deforestation of Indonesia’s rainforests



HOMELESS POLAR BEAR IN LONDON – Campaign against the destruction of the polar ice caps.


LEGO AND SHELL “EVERYTHING IS NOT AWESOME” – Campaign against Shell’s drilling for oil in the Arctic.


If you are also interested in campaigning, do check out Uprising’s work taking place around the UK and The Creative Society’s Fair Access campaign, which encourages creative employers around the country to commit to fair pay opportunities for young people. You can get in touch to find out about getting involved.

If you want to know more about how constructing digital narratives can help you communicate your ideas to communities, check out our upcoming THIS IS IT! Alumni session. Keep an eye out for it on Eventbrite.

Check out Andrea’s full presentation out on Slideshare:


Andrea is @acruzbarral on Twitter – follow her for insights, updates and to pick her brains.




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