Intern Amie Knights accepts permanent role at Stranger Collective

Amie Knights recently completed a 6-month Creative Assistant internship at Cornwall’s Stranger Collective. On completion of her placement, she was delighted to be offered a full time role at the organisation. She shares her thoughts on her placement, THIS IS IT! Bristol and her post-placement future.

My internship dished up a flurry of opportunities. From managing a team photoshoot, getting hands on building an interactive exhibition piece and conjuring concepts for presentations to putting my mind to administrative and organisational tasks, providing copywriting across a range of clients and delving into the day-to-day running of the office; over the last six months I immersed myself in all aspects of life at Stranger Collective. I was kept on my toes throughout, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I revelled in the challenges which sprung up. They were not only a chance to glean new skills and better existing ones, but also a chance to prove what I can do, to the company and myself – seeing an improvement in my own work has been an amazing thing to take away from my internship, and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to work in an environment where training and development is encouraged so much.

The This Is It! Bristol event I attended was a real eye opener into the pros of networking too. Like for so many, it seemed to me like the first day at a new school spent sucking up to the rest of the kids. And when my disgruntled response to the word lead a colleague to expound, ‘just think of it as making friends’, it did little to change my mind. It just seemed so cringe-worthy. But I took the advice of the speakers in Bristol and I reaped great results. Since then, I’ve met some fantastically talented people from an array of industries, built my confidence in professional social situations and even met a future Stranger Collective client from a workshop I signed up to. I’m a total convert. So much so that in my review meeting, I actually asked to do more networking – who’d have thought it?

With my focus on the future I am beyond excited to say that I’ve been asked to stay on with Stranger Collective in a permanent position, and I can’t wait to do more thinking, writing and creating with the rest of the team. I also can’t thank them enough for plucking me out of the CV wielding hoard and into such a fantastic role.

At the This Is It! event, we received the book, Hegarty on Creativity, a small book with some big ideas on what it takes to stay fresh in the Creative industries. In it, John Hegarty (Bartle Bogle Hegarty cofounder) says, ‘If you want to produce special work, it’s worth collaborating with special people’. So, while I’ve now finished my Creative Employment Programme placement, I know that by keeping in the loop with The Creative Society and This Is It! Network, I’ll be doing just that.




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