Marketing Intern Blanca takes on permanent job

Blanca Munoz (pictured far left with her team) completed a six-month internship at Bristol’s collaborative exhibition and shop space as part of the Creative Employment Programme. She was subsequently offered a full time job with the company; read on to hear about her experiences of her placement and Paper Arts, the exciting new project she’s cofounded at Co-Lab.

I have always thought that being able to recognise talent and respect it is probably one of the greatest life skills. However, when it came to recognising my own talent, I never felt satisfied. I was always comparing myself to the rest of my colleagues and underestimating what I was capable of.

However, this mental attitude changed the day I started my internship through the Creative Employment Programme (CEP). My job role as a Marketing Assistant at Co-LAB, the largest independent arts shop in Bristol, empowered me to aim for more and feel more confident about myself. Working alongside a great team of like-minded young professionals was a priceless experience. I was able to develop my skills and learn some new ones that I never thought I could master.All while really enjoying being surrounded by creative people with great projects and ideas.

I felt so inspired by all this positive energy that I decided to commit myself to empower others to achieve their goals and encourage them to pursue their dreams. there is nothing more rewarding than earning your living from your passion. So my new project was born. I collaborated with my manager at Co-LAB, Simone Kidner, to set up a social enterprise to help our community make a living from creativity.

PAPER Arts is now a unique creative hub in the heart of Bristol showing our community the value of their talents whilst offering a broad service offer for them to self-develop through the arts. We currently employ 8 CEP interns and absolutely love the little family we have created through hard work, motivation and social peer network.

I would highly recommend young people to build up their work experience through enrolling the Creative Employment Programme. If I was able to find a full-time position, so are you.

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