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Last month we ran a competition to give Creative Employment Programme participants a chance to win tickets to the Creative & Cultural Skills Annual Conference, worth £400 each. To enter, participants were required to write a blog, take a photo or make a short video explaining the best thing about their placement. Over the next few posts, we’ll introduce each of the winning entries – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Lauryn Baxter is on placement at Lancashire Arts Development at the County Council, in the role of Creative Apprentice. We were delighted when she wrote to share the incredible work she was getting involved with, and how rewarding she found it.

Monday 6th October 2014 was the day I started being a Creative Apprentice. After leaving college without knowing what I wanted to do or how my life was going to pan out, I decided to apply for the Creative Apprentice position. I was incredibly fortunate to be successful at interview and given the position. I couldn’t believe my luck.  I have enjoyed every minute working for Lancashire Arts Development.

The name of my role is Creative Apprentice. This is an appropriate title for our role as we need to be very creative and able to work across many different sectors being involved in numerous projects, events and activities. I even enjoy compiling spreadsheets! The past five months have given me lots of new experiences, increased knowledge, confidence, a sense of pride, fulfilment and lots of laughter and fun at the same time.

You cannot pin point the ‘best part’ of my role as there are too many.  As a Creative Apprentice every day gives new adventures and certainly something new to plan and learn. A typical day can consist of meeting new people, who may be experienced within the Arts, new colleagues, professionals across other Cultural Services and clients to engage them in projects or offer them assistance/project support.

While being in this fortunate position it has allowed me to learn in-depth about ‘Art’ at how it isn’t just paintings and drawings but a wider experience where your involvement brings understanding to the piece of Art, personal benefits such as working together, developing skills, gained confidence and enjoyment.

Over the past five months, speaking to new people has certainly ensured that my experience and ability within my role has grown. This has taught me that every project and day is completely different and to expect the unexpected.

By working on projects and events I have learnt that different approaches for different roles is important such as working with young people,  artists, colleagues and supporting clients in events.  I feel that my role and the part I play does have a positive impact on their lives of those I work with, where it could be supporting them through an event or listening to how much they have enjoyed the event or community project. In particular when at a local Dementia event, I met a man called Eddie. He suffered from Dementia and was in a wheelchair. We chatted for most of the afternoon, mainly about Everton FC but used Art to be able to communicate by looking at photos, being in a poetry session and listening to music. Sharing the experience made the afternoon special. The afternoon I spent with Eddie really made me feel proud that I had helped to run an event and also most importantly I helped Eddie have an afternoon of enjoyment. Not many people can say that about their job. Each day is definitely different, but a year I will remember for ever.

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