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Last month we ran a competition to give Creative Employment Programme participants a chance to win tickets to the Creative & Cultural Skills Annual Conference, worth £400 each. To enter, participants were required to write a blog, take a photo or make a short video explaining the best thing about their placement. Over the next few posts, we’ll introduce each of the winning entries – we hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

First up is Marissa Anthony, who has now completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship at Cockpit Arts. She conjured up a real sense of the buzz and excitement leading up to the Cockpit Arts Open Studio event last Christmas – read her entry below.

Being an apprentice at Cockpit Arts has been an exciting experience for me as it has helped me to embrace my creativity and exposed me to a host of great opportunities. In my short time at Cockpit Arts, there have been many experiences that have stood out to me but none have been more enjoyable than Cockpit Arts Open Studios.

Last Christmas I had the opportunity to work at Cockpit during its highly regarded Open Studios and I felt like a kid in a candy store. I had the chance to nosey around the studios in all their glory, the atmosphere was festive and the visitors were delightful.
The lead up to Christmas open studios is very much like the lead up to Christmas, the halls come alive with the sound of makers bringing in materials to create new work, decorations being hand-made to adorn the hallways and there are people everywhere either setting up, moving equipment or taking new images to promote on social media and sometimes makers even give a sneak peak of new collections before the doors open up to the public!

One of my favourite parts about the open studios event is that I get the chance to speak to designer-makers whose work I admire and many of whom have given me great advice that will stay with me forever. There’s so much going on and so much to see including live music, delightful smells coming from the café (and some studios!) and tons of visitors who are just as excited as I am to be there that it almost doesn’t feel like work and before you know it it’s over and it’s time to prepare for the next one.
Although my placement at Cockpit Arts is almost over, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent here, and I’ve learnt so much the one thing that will keep me coming back is the Open Studios as it truly encapsulates the most magical part of Cockpit Arts.

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