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Creative Employment Programme participants are placed in an incredible variety of venues including theatres, galleries, museums, arts trusts and in a variety of roles from Artistic, Administration, Marketing, Production to Catering. Have a look at some of our past interns and apprentices, to hear more about their work and what they got up to.

ApprenticeDan Lee, working in Events at South Tyneside Council

“I began my apprenticeship in supporting live events and promotion at South Tyneside Council at the start of July. I had spent almost a year scavenging for work opportunities with little luck. Years of education, four years at two different colleges and it seemed like I’d achieved very little. I could have moved on to university, but I knew people who had taken this path and they were at the same place as I was. It seemed like another few years of education with a bill at the end of it.
When I got the apprenticeship I was over the moon, and I started the beginning of summer. We had public music gigs throughout the summer, and I found myself suddenly meeting people, seeing tangible outcomes of my work, but most of all I was waking up with a purpose each morning.”

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“THIS IS IT! was exactly what I needed. It left my mind whizzing with ideas and thoughts. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I will keep working and keep climbing the ladder.”

Participant at THIS IS IT! Bristol


ApprenticeTamykha Patterson, Technical Theatre Apprentice at Ambassador Theatres Group.

Tamykha talks about her experience representing THIS IS IT! at the Creative & Cultural Skills 2014 annual conference.
“Attending the CCSkills Annual Conference was an amazing experience. It was a breath of fresh air to listen to the speakers and see their passion towards apprenticeships, paid internships and traineeships. On the day, designer Wayne Hemingway said “do something that makes you happy” and that’s exactly what I am doing in my role as Technical Theatre Apprentice.”

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“I truly believe that THIS IS IT! shall, in 10-15 years be noted by many – Artistic Directors, Curators and Label Heads – as the springboard that launched their careers.”

Participant at THIS IS IT! London


ApprenticeAmie Salmon, Technical Theatre Apprentice at Ambassador Theatres Group.

Amie gives a sense of the impact her placement has had on her career so far.
“In the years running up to finding my current position, I found myself a failed university student with very little drive or motivation in life. Then I became an apprentice. Life as a Technical Theatre Apprentice at Fairfield Halls is exciting, challenging, rewarding, sometimes exhausting, but most of all it never ceases to be enormous fun. I’ve worked on everything from rock gigs to classical concerts, musicals, plays, off-site exhibitions, pantomimes and more. Not only that, but I have been exposed to life-changing experiences, including training opportunities I never would have gained without my apprenticeship, and I’ve made a great network of dear personal and business relationships. In taking the fullest from all I’ve been presented with I find myself no longer worried about what the future will hold.”

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“At THIS IS IT! I found  like-minded individuals all striving with the need to achieve and be a part of something great.”

Participant at THIS IS IT! Bristol


InternAmie Knights, Creative Assistant Intern at Stranger Collective, Cornwall.

Amie writes about her journey up until finding her placement, and her new role at the copywriting agency.
“When I finished my degree I had interviews for internships across the country (the six month unpaid kind), but I was unsuccessful. Discovering the Creative Employment Programme after a break abroad was like seeing a beacon in the long drawn out night of jobless angst.
As Creative Assistant intern at Stranger Collective I’ve already worked on some really exciting projects and for some big clients. From conjuring visual concepts for presentations to writing festival website copy, organising the distribution of our mini-magazine, ‘Bait’, to brainstorming children’s toy names, I have a pretty varied role assisting the rest of the Stranger team.I’ve learned a lot too. On top of everything though, the most important thing I’ve sponged is that working in the creative industry means regularly challenging yourself and seeking out new experiences as much as you can.”

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“It has made me aware that freelancing is a realistic choice that I can make”

Participant at THIS IS IT! Bristol


ApprenticeTobi Kyeremateng, Apprentice Producer at Battersea Arts Centre.

Tobi tells us how for her, an apprenticeship at Battersea Arts Centre was a great alternative to university.
“Nowadays, it seems that university degrees have become less and less meaningful – subject to career-choice – and certain industries value experience over education, but many young people aren’t aware of the choices they can make to gain this experience. After failing to get into a Drama School of my choice (boohoo) and not wanting to go to university, I applied for a paid apprenticeship at a selection of 13 off-West End theatres through the London Theatre Consortium, which is what I’m currently doing. My apprenticeship at Battersea Arts Centre is giving me invaluable experience and networks into the Performing Arts industry whilst handing me real-life experience on my particular job in this industry.”

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“I learnt so much about how to put myself out there and finding the confidence to be passionate”

Participant at THIS IS IT! Bristol


InternSadaf Norouz, Online Community Builder at NOISE Festival

As she nears the end of her placement, Sadaf shares her route to finding the role, and her throughts for the future.
About 5 months ago, I was confused, sad and unemployed – just like most recent graduates these days. I finished university with an MSc in Information Systems, thinking it would be a piece of cake to find a job with such a degree. Well, the reality is really grim. Having applied for zillions of jobs with no luck, I eventually discovered an email from NOISE sitting at the top of my inbox, inviting me to interview.
5 months on, working at NOISE has taught me a lot of stuff that university didn’t and I feel much more confident in that I know I am capable of landing a good job after NOISE
I don’t know what I want to do after NOISE and I do not know what my purpose in life is yet. What I do know is I want to do something that involves music, nature and happy people (a commune, perhaps?).

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“Incredibly inspiring and informative all with friendly atmosphere”

Participant at THIS IS IT! North East


InternFrances Carbines, intern at the Association of British Orchestras

Frances talks about landing her placement, and her experience of THIS IS IT! at Sadler´s Wells.

After what seemed like an interminable period of job applications and unpaid internships which provided me with few new skills and chronic financial instability, it was fantastic to finally have the opportunity to learn on the job and to know that I was a valued member of the team, with each day’s work earning a day’s wage.

As an intern new to the world of work, it can seem immensely dispiriting to be told: ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ by well-meaning ‘get your foot in the door’ advisers, as is often the case when searching for answers at this stage. However, at THIS IS IT!, the emphasis was very much on how someone in the same position as the interns and apprentices of the scheme could make the most of each available opportunity to meet people, who in turn could offer them guidance and lead them in the right direction.

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