Skill Up: Teach Yourself to Code

Are you currently looking for a job? Or are you thinking about changing your career, or just trying to learn new skills that seem unobtainable in your current job?
The idea of teaching yourself a new skill or looking for where to be taught can seem a daunting thought not to mention time consuming.
This article will look at where to start in learning to code, from a step by step to setting up to great online and offline resources to develop.

“In the last few years, the UK has finally woken up to the importance of coding. Organisations like Young Rewired State, Code Club and Code Academy have led the way, helping young people learn these key skills.”

Dan Crow, The Guardian; Why every child should learn to code



What is Code?

Coding is a language written to create websites apps and computer programmes. It’s a way to tell a computer how to perform a complex task.

“Code is the language we use to instruct computers”



Why Code?

There are many reasons learning to code can be beneficial to you.


“As with any language, having a basic understanding, even if you aren’t fluent, will always impress someone who knows how to speak it.”

Words Amelia Butterly, interview James Waterhouse, BBC Newsbeat


A basic understanding

Being able to read and understand the basic language has a lot of merit. If you have a website or work for a company where your using their website knowing a bit will help you have more control over making changes or being able to fix a problem if it goes wrong.


A working knowledge

If you keep at it and build up your knowledge not only is it a great thing to put on your CV but you could cut out the middleman and build your own website from scratch.


A coding wizz

Among the range of jobs in the tech industry you could be a computer programmer, a games designer or a web developer. Then there is Apps which although is competitive and can be hit or miss there are also plenty of success stories out there.


Success Stories
Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

Nick D'Aloisio

Nick D’Aloisio, sold Summly to Yahoo

Dong Nguyen

Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird





Get Started

Code Academy is a free to use website that gives online tutorials for a wide range of coding needs. It’s well designed for first timers as you can see the results of what you have written on screen as you type. They also use well-known sites such as Air B&B and Etsy giving you a behind the scenes look at how they are made.

Their ‘Build a Website’ tutorial is a good place to start. Try HERE

Test your Skills

When you feel ready to test your skills on a real website there are a few free programs you can use to get you up and running.

Sublime text is a nice user-friendly text editor, write your code in save your files then test the results on screen.







Good resources for coding:


Go to and learn              The New Circle           Free Computer Books 

Free Tech Books          Code Pupil              Free Technology Academy

Google Code In              Hacker Rank            Ladies Learning Code

Developer           Stack Overflow             A Year of Code

Happy coding!




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