Skill Up: Digital Print on Fabric

If you are an illustrator, artist or craft lover printing your work digitally on textiles is a great way to turn your handmade drawings in to professional sellable products. With an unlimited range of colours, complete freedom in customisation, experimentation and prototyping you are a lot less limited than with other forms of printing on fabric.

In order to get the best quality print possible it’s important that your artwork is in the right format to be sent to print. Have a look at this great blog post that gives you a step by step guide to designing and getting your designs print ready: A Beginners Guide to Digital Printing

Artists to Look at:

Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker Textiles

Rachel Parker designs


Rachel Parker is a textile artist who creates digital prints for hand stitched designs. She was awarded the Textile Study Group Graduate of the Year 2012.

Melanie Bowles

Melanie Bowles Book Launch

Melanie Bowles Book Launch photo by Cristina Schek

Melanie Bowles combines digital and traditional printing techniques and specialises in designing creative systems of participatory design for printed textiles. She is also the author of the bestselling book Digital Textile Design.


Where to get your work printed:

Spoonflower is a website where you can easily upload and order your designs to be printed on a range of material. It is particularly good for prototypes and experimentation as there is no minimum order.

The Centre for Advanced Textiles is a fabric printing bureau based at Glasgow School of Art.

The Silk Bureau is the UK’s leading textile printing company for a mix of individual designers, retailers and design studios. For a full price list and how to order contact them through their website.

Good sites to get you started:

Textile Artist for great interviews and tips on textile printing.

Lacuna Press has a good tutorial for for hand finishing the edges for scarves.