THIS IS IT! Alumni team meeting no.2

Tuesday evening saw the second meeting of CEP interns and apprentices, this time at Somerset House (read our blog post on their first meeting here). The group brings together programme members who are nearing the end of their placements and keen to share ideas, collaborate and think about their next career steps.

Fight for your rights! What does campaigning mean to you?

Food, success and animal rights came out top in our discussions with the group about their passions. THIS IS IT’s Andrea teased out the group’s thoughts and themes, pinpointing topics that could form the basis of a creative project based around campaigning.

One topic that ignited the interest of the group was particularly close-to-home: internships. Specifically the issue of unpaid internships was something the group felt passionate about, as a barrier to accessing jobs in the arts. Simon Bunney, Project Manager for The Creative Society who works on the Fair Access campaign, was able to give more information about his project. A pledge by employers to create paid positions and recruit fairly, it has accrued over 200 signatures from arts organisations in the past 2 years and is looking to grow further.

Getting creative!

The Alumni team brainstormed ideas around raising awareness of the Fair Access campaign in creative ways. Art installations, social media campaigns and face-to-face campaigning were thrown into the mix of ideas, with participants discussing their favourite and most powerful examples from mainstream media. Sources of inspiration included Greenpeace’s brilliant campaign against Mattel’s rainforest-depleting packaging, which focussed on the marital breakdown of Barbie and Ken (check it out here). The recent ALS Ice Bucket challenge also made mix, along with Childline’s campaign against ‘sexting’.

What’s next?

The underpinning idea behind the THIS IS IT! Alumni meetings is for the group to drive their own project, based on what inspires and excites them. The seed of an idea was planted at Tuesday’s meeting, and the Alumni team will meet again next month to catch up on creative campaigning. The direction the project takes from there will be up to them – keep an eye on the THIS IS IT! blog as their project unfolds.



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